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It may be the case that you already have the resources in place to meet your development requirements but you call for technical assistance in your development team in architecting,
developing, and deploying your next project. It is often the case that a client realises that they have a problem but benefits from our expertise in deciding upon the right track to take, whether that is selecting the right off-the-shelf product or defining the specifications of the development work necessary.

Web Accessibility

For an internet user who has a disability, surfing the web can be complicated and often frustrating and can lead to the internet not being a viable place to gather information. This is a result of websites being designed in such a way, that they are not compatible with the types of adaptive technology used by people with disabilities, such as screen readers. A site that is accessible has many defining attributes including that visitors can control the size of the font, use ‘access keys’ on the keyboard to navigate through the site and it can be viewed in all modern browsers, regardless of platform or device.